Discover all the super characters of Simon, his family and his friends.



Simon is an affectionate rabbit with boundless energy and can sometimes be a little rascal. The irresistible little bunny takes initiatives, is creative and very smart. Sometimes he can be self-willed, occasionally even a bit stubborn. He can be a show-off, but whenever he’s faced with resistance or gets scared, he’s back to being a little boy again! And he’s not too proud to admit it to his parents and ask for their advice and protection!
Simon loves to play superhero and dress up as SUPER RABBIT!

Gaspard captain rabbit


Gaspard is Simon’s little brother who’s aged two and a half or three. He loves and admires his big brother and always wants to copy him, which irritates Simon no end. Like all younger siblings, Gaspard doesn’t have it easy but he knows how to get around it – by pouting!
Gaspard loves to play superhero and dress up as CAPTAIN RABBIT!

Eve and Andre


Eva is Simon’s mom. She’s thoroughly modern and very fashion-conscious. She goes out to work every day but never gets home very late. She’s gentle and affectionate and has heaps of energy.

Simon’s dad. He’s around more often than Eva because he works from home: he’s a carpenter and has his workshop in the yard. He’s kind, attentive and funny. He’s a bit of a dreamer but is passionate about everything he does.



Milou is Simon’s and Gaspard’s beloved house cat!



Elvis is Grandpa’s and Grandma’s adorable dog. Simon and Gaspard LOVE to play with him when they are staying over at their Grandparents’ house for the holidays.



Lou is a lovely girl who is in Simon’s class and also lives on his street. They are firm friends but he also had a big crush on her – she’s super sweet, always wears a pretty dress and the cutest hair clips. She also loves playing football, going biking and running for miles at a time.



He is in Simon’s class, his next-door neighbor and Simon’s best friend – just as well, given that there’s only a fence between them! They love playing together and their back yards combine to provide a vast recreational terrain that’s both enclosed and secure. They’re always happy to see each other and never get bored when they’re together, although they are both pretty competitive.

Arthur and Irene


Eva’s parents, and Simon’s Grandparents, are around sixty years old, both retired and living in a charming country house by the sea. Arthur is an excellent storyteller and he loves to make up fantastical tales for his grandchildren. Irène is joyful, energertic, and likes spending time outside gardening and tending to her vegetable patch.
During the holidays Arthur, Irène, Gaspard and Simon have so much fun together.